Mission & Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Simply put, the mission statement and philosophy of Dromana Estate is to allow the wines to reflect, as well as they can, the time and place in which they were created.

Our Winemaking Principle

Wines made by Dromana Estate reflect the cool climate characteristics of the Mornington Peninsula. It is our belief that all wines are initially created in the vineyard, and to best reflect this, we use a minimal interference policy. Our wines achieve that sense of time and place, or terroir, to use the French term. The result is a wonderfully unique vintage, carefully curated from the vineyard to the bottle.

grapes grapes

Sustainability and Embracing Renewable Technology

Sustainable and environmentally friendly production of both wine and food is one of our main priorities. Located on the Peninsula, by the coastline and amongst open woodlands with an abundance of wildlife, it is important that we protect and conserve our beautiful surrounding ecosystems and our home.

While viticulture requires a significant amount of water, All water we use is treated onsite. The recycled, A-Grade water, now at a drinkable standard, can be reused in the vineyard, restaurant, and throughout wine production. In our restaurant we utilize evacuated tube solar hot water systems, which reduces the use of electricity or LPG. These developments have not only drastically decreased water waste, but protects nearby waterways from possibly toxic, untreated water.

We aim to be a pioneer in renewable energy with sustainable wine and food production and have installed a 150 kWh solar panel system to produce all electricity used in the vineyard, wine production, restaurant and other food production.

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Protecting the Environment and Vegan Friendly

From great vine comes great wine. It is our belief that exceptional wines arise from great grapes and vineyard management.

We are always working to reduce our environmental impact by keeping the use of fungicides to the absolute minimum and endeavour to use organic options when available, resulting in beautiful, premium wines that are as sustainable and eco-friendly as we find possible.

We have always believed in using minimal preservatives throughout wine production, including during fermentation and filtering which allow the natural flavour of our wine to shine. In continuing efforts to improve, post 2019, no animal products have been used in any stages of our wine production, denoting our 2019 vintage and onwards vegan friendly.

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Community Support

Dromana Estate are privileged to be in a position where we can support our local community in many ways, from donating items for fundraisers to purchasing local produce for our restaurant.

We are passionate about our local growers, makers, bakers and producers and love to showcase what the Mornington Peninsula has to offer on our menu.

We are committed to the ongoing support of The Dolphin Research Institute based in Hastings and Variety Australia, as well as our local schools, sporting clubs and community fundraisers. Some of which include sponsorship of the Mornington Peninsula Pétanque club, Somers Primary School and Crib Point FC. We are particularly invested in supporting independent fundraisers that benefit our peninsula families on a personal level.