“boh-trahy-tis saw-vin-yawn blonk”


The “Perfect Storm” of weather conditions provided the opportunity to produce a Botrytis Sauvignon Blanc in the Saunternes Style.

Also known as “noble rot,” it is a beneficial mould that grows on ripe wine grapes in the vineyard under specific climatic conditions. Wines made from these berries have a rich, complex, honeyed character and are often high in residual sugar lending themselves to a dessert style wine

Wine Making

The fruit was gently pressed over 8 hours to extract every last drop. Fermentation ceased at 8.5 Beaume’ to retain the perfect balance of sweetness, acidity and alcohol. It was then left for 6 months in old French Oak barrels.

Taste Profile

Dried Apricot, honey, cake spice with a creamy yet refreshing finish

Food Pairing

Perfect way to finish a delicious meal! Pairs nicely with custard based desserts, cheese and fruit

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