2014 Syrah

2014 Syrah 1


2014 Syrah 3


The Dromana Estate is our Premium range and was created to showcase the high quality of fruit grown on our vines

Firstly and most importantly, both Shiraz and Syrah derive from the exact same grape varietal, however there is a huge range in the flavour profiles. Shiraz generally speaking has a reputation for being a rich, powerful, and sometimes meaty red wine but it is really dependent on the climate in which it is grown

Wine Making

Grown in the cool climate of Mornington Peninsula, this Shiraz typically reflects a lighter bodied variety however it packs a bigger punch than the Mornington Estate Shiraz. This Shiraz grape spent 18 months in 4-year-old barrels and was largely left untouched

Taste Profile

Mulled plums & cloves to the nose, a bold Shiraz which will leave you with a black pepper finish

Food Pairing

Food pairings with Australian Shiraz should consider the context of diverse styles. The red-with-red rule is in effect when it comes to Shiraz as wilting-lily, meaning delicate food tends to get trampled. Dark meats such as lamb, steak, pork, Indian flavours and hard cheeses.

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