2017 Pinot Gris 1


ME Pinot Gris


The Mornington Estate range was created to display the varietal diversity of the Peninsula.

Pinot Gris (French term) (Grigio- Italian term) is famously known for zesty white wines and originates not surprisingly from France and Italy but is now grown worldwide

Wine Making

The fruit was whole bunch pressed simply means that the grapes were not removed from the stalks, this gives a green, fresh, grassy flavour to the wine

Peter Bauer used a 50:50 combination of French oak & Stainless-steel barrels, 20% of Traminer was also added to this wine which gives a slight acidic flavour

Taste Profile

Bright and fruity. Flavours of Poached pear, apple and notes of spice

Food Pairing

Pinot Gris works well with white meats and seafood particularly in meals that include a fruit element such as lemons, oranges, peaches or apricots

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